Sizing Guide


Soft soled shoes are the recommended choice for crawlers, cruisers and the first few months of walking. The soft and flexible sole mimics the natural moment of your babies foot, allowing for healthy development and coordination.

Our shoes are machine washable, stay on your babies feet, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and are made with a waterproof sole.

Our soft sole baby shoes are all lovingly hand crafted in a small studio in Israel.

How to measure and choose the right size?

It’s very important to measure your babies foot! Each baby develops at his own pace, and the age of your baby will not necessarily coincide with the corresponding shoe size. Please take the time to read the instructions.

Place your baby’s foot on a piece of paper. Mark the heel and the longest toe.

Extend two parallel lines through those two marks.


Measure the distance between the two lines.


Foot Length Shoe Size Shoe Length
9½ - 10 CM 3-6M 11 CM
10½ - 11 CM 6-12M 12 CM
11½ - 12 CM 12-18M 13 CM
12½ - 13 CM 18-24M 14 CM
13½ - 14 CM 2T 15 CM
14½ - 15 CM 3T 16 CM

Why soft sole?

Podiatrists recommend we allow our little ones to learn to walk with soft sole for as long as possible.  Soft soles are the closest to barefoot a shoe can get, without hampering the natural movement of the foot.
You can learn more on our article 'Why Soft Sole Shoes?' in the FAQ section.

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